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So this just happened
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So this just happened
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So this just happened

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A Great Adventure

As soon as I saw you, I knew a great adventure was about to happen.

- A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

In those eyes was a fury, a promise that this was not over.
- James Rollins, The Sixth Extinction
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Testing out the new Journey app for Android and its new features.
Will it replace my blogging platform? No, but it can enhance it.
Stay tuned.
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Anonymous asked:
Have any more pics of yourself and are you involved with somebody?

I’ve more than a few that I put out there already but if you want specifics then no. I don’t share them with anon people over the web. But thanks for the ask. Drop the anon and make yourself known!

Madness does not come by breaking out, but by giving in; by settling down in some dirty, little, self-repeating circle of ideas; by being tamed.
- G.K. Chesterton, Man Alive

Wants And Needs

I want to go on more adventures. Be around good energy, connect with people, learn new things and grow.

We shot each other
We shot each other

We shot each other


Digital Asset Management, or what most people call “organizing photos”, really sucks. It doesn’t help when there are multiple drives, discs and redundant, unorganized backups of other backups from the past 13 years.

Shoot What You Love

"…don’t shoot to share, shoot because you love what your shooting. Shoot to remember. Make your photographs in your own image and personality."

Shawn Blanc

What he said.

Android > iPhone

So the great iPhone experiment failed. Two days later I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S5. A week after that I switched again to the all new LG G3. It is so choice.

I tried, I really did try to like the iPhone and I even wasted money on apps to help with the experience. 

Overall, the lack of customization and tweaking did it for me. It is such a closed system. I prefer open source software and systems. So I’m back to Android.

Journey And Discovery

The most adventurous journey to embark on is the journey to yourself. The most exciting thing is to discover who you really are.