Route 66…Again

Having journeyed the whole route of Route 66, the highway that runs through six states from Chicago to Los Angeles, the road beckons again. It doesn’t help that I live one block away from it here in Tulsa. There is a reminder everyday to get back on it and go. In the meantime, I have … Continue reading Route 66…Again


Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt. Using GPS coordinates, you can navigate to a hidden cache, sign the log, maybe grab some trinkets and then move on to the next one. Perfect for getting out and exploring places you ordinarily wouldn’t discover on your own. I can’t tell you how many times I went … Continue reading Geocache

Urban Art

I have a thing for murals. There is a lot of creative talent out there who are adorning walls with their art. This weekend while Geocaching, I came across a cache that gave a tour of some thirty murals in the area. This is a great way to explore your surroundings and take you to … Continue reading Urban Art

Thank You

This website started back in 2005 was originally written just for me but somewhere along the way it picked up some interest with others. Now that I’ve switched from self hosting this site on my own server to hosting with WordPress, I’ve gained some more interest and followers. Thank you. I’ll try to keep it … Continue reading Thank You