This is my second check-in of GHR 2013. By now, most people have abandoned their NYE resolutions and that is where GHR comes in for me. So, on with my resolutions.

  1. Relocate back to Houston Texas
  2. Drop and lose 5 pounds a month for 4 months
  3. Learn Ruby on Rails
  4. Finally complete my file server and host this website and photo archives on it.

Here is my progress from 3/3 when I started this until today, 4/4.

  1. Relocation to Houston efforts are an ongoing work in progress.  
  2. Lost a total of 3 pounds this month. 
  3. Have not even looked at Ruby On Rails.
  4. Regarding the development of a file server, the motherboard has failed. I am not going to spend any more time or money in to it. 

I need to lose a minimum of 8 pounds this month to achieve my goal of 20 pounds off in 4 months.

Keep up the relocation effort. After a couple of phone interviews and no results, this is discouraging and difficult to do in another state.

Tax season has taken a large mental toll on me and I have to shake this off.

I’ll be checking back in on 5/5 with updates.

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