I was listening to a podcast the other day, and I cannot remember which one or even credit the source (apologies) but it really got me thinking about some of the unforeseen consequences of digital sharing. Everyday most of us put ourselves out there with various posts, tweets, pictures and comments.

Let’s not forget photos and social media. We can snap someone and with facial recognition as advanced as it is, locate who it is and their entire social media personas without speaking a word to them.

We don’t realize is that anything shared online rarely goes unnoticed or permanently deleted.

The speaker goes on to compare this to a tattoo. For those of us who have ink, it is a conscience choice. For others, they add this to their bodies without thinking of future considerations such as relevance, appropriateness or regret.

Will I regret some of the content I put out there for the world to see? You betcha.

Do I make conscience choices to avoid such embarrassment? Oh yeah.

In light of these, I’ll just have to make smarter choices on what what is public and what is private.



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