It’s my 45th birthday. Version 44 was a shitty iteration and 2017 was a shitty year. Time to upgrade.


That is my target weight goal. Eat lean and train mean. I don’t simply want to eat right and lose weight. I want nutrition and fitness. I shot up to 200 this year and back down to 190. Fifteen pounds is very doable once I stop eating out and drinking less soda. More trail running, weights, yoga and meditation will help get lean and reduce health risks.


Speaking of drinks, I am imposing my own prohibition. I dont get drunk and I am not a cheap date. Version 44 has seen me consume a lot of beer, bourbon, scotch and whiskey. I feel it and it shows. Never say never though, because I am building a new photography group around this subject as well as hashing.

Create > Consume

I’ve been stagnant in generating anything of value to myself or anyone else recently. Circumstances, distractions and lack of inspiration has caused that. No more.

I want to write more, interact with people again and develop something from nothing with my two hands and brain. Instead of cranking out a novel that may or may not get written, I may try short stories instead.

On the consumption side I want to stay inspired with my average of fifty books to read as well as various websites. Inspiration and mood boards as well.

Version 44 was a shitty iteration and 2017 was a shitty year. I am ready for the growth.

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