As I’ve stated previously, it’s been a shitty year and not a lot to show for it. In fact, I have lost so much. There are times too, that I have been bored or uninspired with my hobbies, including photography. Most of the time, however, I just pick up the camera and go. Go out, anywhere. Shoot anything to make myself feel better. The camera and the process is therapy to me. It relieves me of stress and helps me create. Photography helps me to focus (see what I did there?) on what’s in front of me and allows for a pleasant distraction. It reduces frustration and anxiety. 


self-portrait 5m after waking

Photo Walks

I am a big fan of photo walks. No agenda, no direction. I just wander with an open eye for something, anything of personal interest and capture it. Stretch, walk, breathe and relax. 

Group Therapy

I’ve also discovered interacting with people to be therapeutic too. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but it works for me. I feed off their personalities and passions. Even their presence is energizing. Ever sit in a coffee shop and feel the buzz? Me too.

Getting out and talking to strangers on the street breaks down my walls and theirs. I’ve been doing quite a lot of portrait photography with my HOT project. These beautiful faces make me smile. See? Therapy. 

Communicating with like-minded people is a huge positivity boost. Photographers are isolated and protective by nature (why?) so this could be more stressful at first…but the payoff is amazing. Who else but we, can understand and support one another? I am really excited about my new photography group coming soon. 


One of the best things about photography is again, focusing on details. Distract yourself by focusing on the boring, mundane, everyday details that can deliver the best images and make for the best subjects. 


Anything and everything all of a sudden becomes interesting. Beauty in the details. Forest through the trees. 

I lean heavily on photography when doubt, depression and frustration kick in. I give them a kick back when I grab my camera and go. 

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