I need a muse to help influence and inspire my photography. Someone who understands and supports my creative vision, even if I don’t. This muse would inspire my creative vision. Someone that will allow me anything and everything. Fearless. No comfort zone because of the trust. Find the limits and then cross them anyway. Every photographer needs a muse, not just a model. A companion, my biggest fan and maybe even my biggest critic.

This muse will help guide and instruct my creative process with trial, error and success just by being there. The muse will be honest, free and open with me to unleash my creative flow.

They will fill up my photo card, drain my batteries, use up all my film because the inspiration will not stop. You are hers and she is yours. That connection between her, my camera and me is magic. My muse won’t care for other’s work, just mine. And hers, because she is a work of art herself.

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