4/4 GHR Check-In!

Time to evaluate my progress for my Groundhog Resolutions, the 10th
annual attempt at creating life-long habits for myself. I’ve discovered
that right after the end of the year holidays I am not mentally or
physically capable of sticking with resolutions for the upcoming new
year. I need a break so I take the whole month of January off to reflect
and plan and start on 2/2 instead of 1/1.

I’ll check back in on myself on 5/5


Get another tattoo: Coming soon

More camping: Waiting on better weather

More skinny dipping:

Waiting on warmer weather

Learn Spanish more fluently: Downloaded the Duolingo app for practice

Join a book club: No decent bookclubs around town. Start one?

50 Books a year challenge: I
need to average 5 books a month to complete this goal. I’ve read five
and started a 6th. Not bad for the month of March going into April.

Snail mail friend: Need to seek, find, write

Volunteer: Looking into organizations that I can contribute to


Kickboxing: Dusted off an old DVD called Tae Bo and set up a space to work out in. Let’s see how this will work.

Calvinball: Need to get some balls for this bit of fuckery

Yoga: Work in progress

More 5 & 10k obstacle course racing: I may have missed the boat for OCR this year. Looking into local 5ks and cause to support.

Consistent training: Working
out with Tracy is mutually beneficial. Accountability may be the one
thing I needed to maintain this. We’ve just started out this past week
and so far so good for both of us. Will utilize digital encouragement as
well with our Fitbits.

Consistent nutritional training: Work
in progress. Bad food is too cheap and easy to acquire while healthier
options are scare and pricey. Looking at some non-meat options as well
as eating at home more. Again, accountability is key here. No Whataburger in weeks!


Waiting on warmer weather. Got called out by THHH Mismanagement for it too. Will be paying for it when I’m back on trail.

Hiking: Taken
more than a few hikes this year and explored familiar and new trails.
Ancient Forest was extensive but limited access. Will go back. Also,
urban hikes along River parks, Midland valley and Turkey mountain.

Geocaching: I am 0 for 15 so far this year. Um, what? Meanwhile, Tracy has decided to sign up and has found two that I wanted.

Meditation: Will be utilizing the same space as kickboxing and yoga for this.


Complete my book: The plot thickens…finally.

Photo essay on a topic I am passionate about: Waiting on warmer weather and a topic.

Video log every month: Landed on Youtube instead of Vimeo. So far just dark, grainy video of me looking tired but giddy for some reason.  

Leave inspirational notes everywhere: Waiting on weather to get better and people hit the streets. Send me inspiration.

Year in photos album: 2017 is just there, waiting on me. Cannot wait to see what 2018 memories I’ll have at the EOY.

Shoot more film: Buy more film. Ain’t cheap!

Find my muse: Found her. Now how to use her?

DAM: Constant work in progress here