“Five hundred years later, Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks are around
to astonish and inspire us. Fifty years from now, our own notebooks, if
we work up the initiative to start writing them, will be around to
astonish and inspire out grandchildren, unlike our tweets and Facebook
posts. “

“The more than 7,200 pages now extant probably represent
about one-quarter of what Leonardo actually wrote, but that is a higher
percentage after five hundred years than the percentage of Steve Job’s
emails and digital documents from the 1990s that he and I were able to

– Walter Isaacson

How much of our digital selves are trapped inside social
media that we cannot retrieve, use or archive?
Digital note taking is fine but what happens when I am offline and need
to gather my thoughts?

I have been documenting my research and thoughts in multiple and
redundant formats and platforms hoping to find a system that sticks. Pen
and paper so far stands the test of time. I hate the act of physical
writing and my penmanship sucks but here goes.

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