Time to evaluate my progress for my Groundhog Resolutions, the 10th
annual attempt at creating life-long habits for myself. I’ve discovered
that right after the end of the year holidays I am not mentally or
physically capable of sticking with resolutions for the upcoming new
year. I need a break so I take the whole month of January off to reflect
and plan and start on 2/2 instead of 1/1.

I’ll check back in on myself on 9/9


Get another tattoo: Coming soon

More camping: It’s hot y’all. And the last attempt was off asphalt and sand dunes. Fall cant get here fat enough.

50 Books a year challenge:

Up to 25. Halfway! Time to hit those books because…winter is coming.


Kickboxing: Tae Bo for the win

Yoga: Daily practice early in the morning really helps here

More 5 & 10k obstacle course racing: See above. It’s hot.

Consistent training: Dropping
Planet Fitness in favor of a new gym here called Vasa. More amenities
to keep my body interested in going to begin with.  

Consistent nutritional training: Work
in progress. I’ve dropped soda pop and going with water, soda water and/or beer. Less eating out too. Small victories.


Waiting on cooler. Got called out by Tulsa Hash House Harriers
Mismanagement for it too. Will be paying for it when I’m back on trail.

Hiking: Taken
more than a few hikes this year and explored familiar and new trails.

Geocaching: Discovered a couple of quick park and grabs in some interesting places.

Meditation: More and more necessary. My brain is so scattered with everything I want to do. This helps center me.


Complete my book: I
discovered some very interesting facts about the Khmer empire recently
that will be crucial to my understanding and telling. Also coming up
with more random ideas for stories. probably short stories all of them
but eh. We’ll see.

Photo essay on a topic I am passionate about: Currently
shooting the Tulsa, After Dark series. Humans of Tulsa (HOT) is on
hold. Haven’t been going out as much. Need to change this soon to keep
the project going.  

Video log every month: Fail. Lack of interesting dialogue, forgetfulness.

Leave inspirational notes everywhere: Doing this at home in sneaky places for people to find is fun. Need to go public.

Year in photos album: 2017 is just there, waiting on me. Cannot wait to see what 2018 memories I’ll have at the EOY.

Shoot more film: Buy more film. Ain’t cheap!

Find my muse: Found her. Now how to use her?

DAM: Failing.
This MUST change. A new camera can help me here with different file
formats. I will discipline myself with this fresh start. But the
previous decades of work? Overwhelming.

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