Ever since I snapped my first digital photograph
I was hooked. Sure, it is fun and there is almost instant gratification
but what else? Why else does someone pick up a camera and invest a lot
of time, money and effort?

I have known a lot of creative
people over the years. They don’t have all the best gear, in fact they
bought it second hand and have worked wonders with what they have. And
then there are the gung-ho, all-in technical photographers.

These people are very clinical, technical and deliberate. Everything has to be perfect before they depress that shutter button.

like to think of myself as a good mixture of the technical and the
creative. And this is a very good reason why we choose photography.
Because it offers us both.

Most photographers are lone
wolves. Others enjoy shooting with others in packs. And this adds to the
question, why photography? It can be as social or solitary as you like.
Truly something for everyone. For me, again, I enjoy both. I love
roaming and exploring alone. I have my camera with me to document these
unique spots and save them for future use. Other times, I thrive on meeting with others to share what we know and learn together.

you get past your initial investment of your gear, photography is an
inexpensive hobby. This can be a source of endless enjoyment for years
so why not photography?

Photography may be the best example of
flexibility. If you are stuck inside and cannot go shooting outdoors,
then no problem. Time to get creative and capture something inside your
makeshift studio. Take this time to study your craft, or play with
existing work on your computer. When the weather is better, grab your
gear and go shoot some more. Photography can be both an indoor and
outdoor project.

Photography is therapeutic in that if you
have your gear, a great location and subjects your day can be relaxing
and rewarding. These are a few of the reasons why I do photography.

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