Stay Or Go?

When I noticed recently that the total number of photos stored
on my computer is almost 40,000, it seemed time to do some organizing
and pruning. No problem right? Just get rid of the images I don’t want
and look for the keepers.

So, what to do with pictures like
the one above? It’s probably not worth saving for the fact that it snows
in Houston Texas once every ten years. Or that we only had enough snow
to make this cute little guy on the top of our car. Look how cute that
baby carrot nose is.

The photo features a brilliant blend of
colors and an excellent bokeh and was shot three days before my birthday
in 2009 at f/5.6 at 1/500 seconds on my old Nikon D90 with no flash.

Yes, I’ll keep it.

One down, 39,999 to go…