Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Bruce Banner or Hulk? Harvey Dent or Two-Face?

Or in my situation, the Free Spirit or the Recluse.

All of us have at least two distinctive personalities inside of us. Mine is the free spirit which thrives on new experiences, loathes routine, discipline and wants to learn new things for fear of growing stagnant.

recluse in me seeks the stability of a comfortable routine, finds that new experiences are tiring and doesn’t care about what is next.

The day after Christmas found me sending an email and then return a package. After that, I was lazy. Could care less abut anything else and it felt good to lay on the couch and watch a movie or read one of my new books. If I try that later today I would probably feel the walls closing in and have to get outdoors.

What to do? Should I find comfort on the familiar road or should I stray from the path and expand the horizon? Re-experience the reliable?

In the past I felt torn between the two. I am learning to come to terms and accept both characteristics. 

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