The Best Knowledge Tools

I’m learning much more than anticipated when I am researching, preparing a novel and other short stories (still in progress). I have such an appreciation for those who are already published.

Something we readers take for granted is the research and preparation that goes into producing content we learn from (non fiction) and then enjoy (fiction). Reading a book is the ability to learn all of the insights and facts that an author has spent countless hours on. What takes them months or years only takes us a few hours!

This alone makes a book our best tool to acquire knowledge, years of knowledge at our fingertips. We owe it to ourselves to focus and apply what we are learning. Don’t just consume but to read for understanding and growth. I am slowly going through a book right now with pen and pencil in hand to highlight passages I want to follow up on or emphasize. I’m even having a one way conversation by asking the author questions that will probably never be answered by them.

When you think about all the hard work author’s put in to their writing it should make you appreciate it all the more. I know I do.

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