Almost nothing as it turns out.

Here’s what I mean: it takes little effort to acquire beauty thereby the value of it decreases. You can push a button to make music from digital instruments. The internet gives us access to useful and useless information. Some of us pay hundreds of dollars for photo software when most of us pay little to free for apps on our phones to do the same thing. Why have expensive cameras and lenses at all when we have our phones?

We expect all of this to be free and on demand. We expect it to be free because it is easy to do and acquire. Anyone with a phone can now compete directly with professionals. Yes, the quality and style may be less but we’re trained to compromise quality for cheapness.

So who am I shooting for? You? Someone who wants my stuff and is willing to pay for it? Absolutely not. I shoot for myself because it is fun, therapeutic and I get to see new shit all the time. If someone else places a value on it, cool.

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