I’m currently reading four books at once. Bad idea but the public library had all the desired books I had on hold ready to go and they are all on heavy demand. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is one of them. I really wanted to to read and review this book so much, that I petitioned the library to order it. Success.

Step one is kicking the smartphone addiction. By removing a majority of the apps that are not in use or are major distractions, this will help free up both mental and hard drive space. Also, disabling notifications is a great way to regain control of your time and attention.

I am stopping right there for now and applying what I am reading to a test. As of this writing I have forty two applications installed on my iPhone xR. The iPhone storage gauge says I can save 325 MB by offloading unused apps. I’ll run that soon and then keep on with more.

I’ve also shelved the Windows desktop in favor of using the iPad as a PC replacement. Another experiment to see if it is possible to downsize. I am missing my mouse and re-learning keyboard shortcuts.

The distracting apps removed from my iPhone will stay on the iPad as it will function as both a tool and entertainment hub.

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