Write Drunk, Edit Sober

In writing a novel or even a short story the concept is there but the execution is not. Maybe I should follow along with the above quote? The quote is attributed to Ernest Hemingway as his inspiration for cranking out his works. Then again, he did eat a bullet at the end so maybe not … Continue reading Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Art 1

Here are a few masterpieces of art I enjoyed while visiting the Art Institute of Chicago recently. As evidenced in my photo portraiture, I have a love for faces. We find portraits fascinating because we are fascinated by people like ourselves. We’re also fascinated by people unlike ourselves. It is who we are and that … Continue reading Art 1

Khmer Empire Antiquities

Because I am still researching my novel based on the Khmer empire in Cambodia, I had hoped to discover some relics or art from this period and the Art Institute of Chicago did not disappoint. What was disappointing were the descriptions of the artifacts. Which temple site was this taken from? Did the institute know? … Continue reading Khmer Empire Antiquities

The Mother Road

I have just completed driving the entirety of Route 66. It is almost 2,500 miles from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Double this for the return trip, of course. Living one block away from Route 66 here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we started our journey to California and back in February 2019 for one week. … Continue reading The Mother Road