I brought the old Polaroid One Step camera out of the storage box and decided to clean it up and put it to use now that Polaroid/Impossible Project/Polaroid Originals is creating a consistent, reliable supply of compatible 600 film.

Bringing an old toy out to play again is very exciting

I counted on the first few sheets or hell, even the whole box to learn and adjust to and I wasn’t wrong. Polaroid films prefer excellent lighting and shooting indoors without it is…challenging.

So the best way is to make these mistakes earlier so I can move on and produce the thoughtful, deliberate shots I want to.

I also charged up the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, loaded it with some newly purchased film and it’s good to go as well.

I have this thing for monochrome, okay?

Next up is the Canon 35mm Sureshot point and shoot camera. I loaded up some some Fuji ASA 200 film and took a few shots yesterday to test it out.

I want to get back into the sure joy of analog photography and to have these physical reminders of my learning and developing. It’ll suck at first and that is okay by me.

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