Yesterday on our hike, we came across a thin trail offset from the original trail that wasn’t too obvious. What was obvious was the fact that I was going to take it and we weren’t disappointed.

The trail led us to a rocky overhang looking out towards a creek. There in the warm sun and cool breeze I decided to take my trail shoes and socks off to experience what some wellness practitioners call “grounding or earthing.”

I dug my toes into the cold soil and planted my heels down on the rocky trail and just stood there soaking up the sun and the quiet. MissAdventure decided instead to sit crosslegged and soak in the sun and the quiet.

It was only for a few short minutes but it was plenty to meditate and also appreciate this moment. Looking up into the sun I noticed seagulls flying in circles over the valley. Why seagulls here in a landlocked state? Oh well, why not. Then, why can’t I join them, wouldn’t that be amazing?

I couldn’t of course. I was grounded and grounding.

I silently put myself back together mentally and physically while applying my socks then shoes on. This was a beautiful experience to be rediscovered soon.

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