Living in the 3rd largest city of the U.S.A. taught me a lot about people’s perspectives and differences of opinion. I met and enjoyed talking with people I don’t agree with on a lot of things, except we do believe in each other. We talked, we shared, we encouraged each other, we found common ground.

A popular fast food chain is in the news recently because they decided to not donate funds to organizations that other groups disagree with.
I don’t care. I like their food. I don’t care about their politics and I never will.

I listen to bands for years that enjoy spouting off their causes and politics. We wouldn’t have agreed on much and I don’t care. I love their music.

I voted for the other guy. I don’t like him and would never sit down to have a drink with him.

I enjoyed gathering around family and friends to celebrate the holidays. I will enjoy a meal with them but don’t want to discuss politics with them.

Over the years I have developed the ability to glean lessons from a variety of sources. I am aware. I listen. I process. I learn. Some of my favorite teachers were liberal, others were conservatives, and still others were neither. I didn’t care so long as I learned.

Let’s find some common ground together.

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