Right around that first hint of cold weather in early November and then the time change I decided I would have to learn to work around the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that typically effects me. Because I currently live in a state where the dormant grass turns yellow and the leafless trees look abandoned and depressing, I have come to terms that there is nothing I can do about it being winter and freezing and to accept it. Except to change myself.

This time of year I can be focusing on enjoyment and appreciation instead of complaining about the cold, the ice and the possible snows. The days are shorter but I can still focus on the things that inspire me, are beneficial and will bring me joy.

Sleep is huge these past few weeks. Bundling up in warm clothes and blankets has been relaxing. I’m reading more and I love the sensation of knowing there are more books that I want to read after the current one. More reflections and contemplation about who I am and what I want to accomplish for myself and for others. Soups are excellent for my cold bones. I’m writing more on my novels and short stories. I’m cataloging my photography archives slowly and deliberately. When possible, take advantage of the warmer days of winter by hiking or photo walking. My birthday was sunny and in the 50’s and don’t think that wasn’t lovely. I’m learning to appreciate the longer, darker hours by noticing the clear sky that cold winter nights bring. They make the stars seem brighter.

I want to be in harmony with the seasons, not the man-made clocks and the concepts of time.

Maybe the idea of winter is something to be enjoyed and not endured?

This shift in my mindset may just be the cure to my SAD.

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