Simply walk. The earth is a big place and there is plenty of walking to be done. I belong here. It is who I am. There are many different ways I try to incorporate walking.

I am walking to work more frequently. I would walk up and down the stairs but there is blocked access to most floors. So, I walk around my floor; a lot. I walk to the cubicles, to the beverage stations. Lately I’ve been walking around inside the skywalks to the adjacent buildings.

Mindful walking happens any time and any place I need to think, work out issues or meditate.

Walking with a companion. Talking, sharing, laughing.

Photo walking is huge for me. Combing two passions is to be taken advantage of.

Day hiking takes preparation and is a challenge but worth it.

Extended hiking could include overnight stay in the wild and appreciating the exhaustion of a great day. This also includes a bonus walk by returning.

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