Let’s face it; I will never run a marathon or a triathlon. I will never climb a rock face any higher than 100’ again. I am not an extreme athlete and have no desire to be one. Once my child was born it stopped being about me and the risks I used to take (I still take risks but they’re more calculated now). None of this matters to me now.

I don’t consume energy/sport drinks and waste my days watching the XTREME SPORTZ channel on YouTube all day. I’m just Chris. Currently a mild-mannered, urban city-dweller and sedentary desk worker who is looking to improve his quality of life. Rarely do we see stories about Chris. “Chris is in his late forties, doesn’t wear the latest workout fashion but wears what is comfortable and has no idea what his personal best is.” There are a lot of Chris’s out there. In fact, I see them walking around the neighborhood in cold weather.

This doesn’t scream “active lifestyle.” It doesn’t inspire adventure or extreme risk. But what it should do is encourage me to move. To squeeze into my workout clothes and to get my lazy ass into the wilds, urban or actual. I’m working out a couple of times a week but I am setting no records so we’ll call it bare minimal maintenance. As I age I fall out of shape quickly and bad habits become too comfortable and easy.

So there are days I manage a thirty minute walk to work or a fifteen minute walk to the fast food place during the lunch hour. Sometimes I’ll walk around the indoor track at work. I wonder if I can add another walk before dinner time. I’m sure I could do the very least of this routine maintenance.

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