Almost a year ago I purchased a refurbished Macbook Air for 1/2 the cost of the original price and ditched the Windows platform altogether. This was the last piece of the Apple eco system of connected machines I needed to perform my best work.

Lately I’ve come to rely on this laptop than my iPhone and iPad. Each device has their functions but the laptop is where most of my work is done. Surprisingly, the phone is my least productive device. Yes, it makes phone calls and I even take photos with it but even that is being reduced. On all my devices I have the capability to send/receive text messages. More and more I will reply on the laptop rather than pick up the phone and do it. This year’s new iPhone release will probably be the last one for a long time. Buying a smartphone for the camera doesn’t seem to make sense to me now because I will be using my film cameras more.

The laptop is most beneficial for me because this is where I do most of my research, write and process images. Here, I am literally the master of my own domain. I built my website through a laptop and host files with it, manage it with my own FTP server. The laptop can help me quickly organize, edit, export photos, video and text. Typing is ten times faster for me on the laptop over a phone or tablet. I can philosophize, journal, share my images with the world if they so chose to partake.

I’ll journal the benefits and usage of my iPad soon.

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