As everyone who partakes in this activity already knows, walking is the easiest exercise around. It improves the body and mind equally. Until martial law is enforced, walking is still available to those of us not wanting to stay indoors. But why wait for a deadly virus as an excuse? These examples below are all do-able. Ask me how I know.

  • Frequent walks
  • Weather be damned, just do it.
  • Leave the phone
  • Take the phone, bring headphones
  • Music, podcasts, audio books
  • The right sock & shoes for the right path
  • Take the different path. Get lost. Adventure time.
  • Do it for the steps.
  • Don’t do it for the steps. Not everything has to be quantified.
  • Turn on autopilot and think/solve the problems you are working on
  • solvitur ambulando
  • Have fun by taking photos, listening to surroundings, stomp in puddles
  • Enjoy the solitude
  • Bring a companion
  • Walk & talk
  • Take a hike
  • Bring a notebook and document something/anything/everything
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