During this time of isolation and retreat while in a pandemic, there is also loneliness and distraction.

OR, it is a time for mindfulness and reflection, like modern monks. I am choosing not to retreat into despair but it hasn’t been easy.

There were too many distractions before the pandemic and there may be even more currently- Netflix, social media, depressing newscasts, etc. Nothing wrong with a little of each but as they say, everything in moderation. I choose to read, meditate, write, journal, walk. The choice is mine: choose despair or choose to practice peace.

I take these stressful times and then reflect on my feelings during meditation. Sit down, shut up, slow down. This way I can organize my thoughts and feelings and process them better.

I can watch Youtube or read virus memes (I don’t do these, honest) OR, I can practice compassion and peace.

I am in no way a modern monk and don’t plan to hide away in a monastery but for now, I think this practice is productive and a good use of my time.

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