On 2/2 I began my year-long journey to create life long habits for myself and throw in some fun intentions as well. The plan is to check in every month to monitor my progress. How did I do since my last check-in on 8/8?

Nutrition & Training

The diet has continued to see some improvement in my weight loss goal. There have been some “slip-ups” but overall I am down 14 pounds with 28 pounds to hit my goal.

Yoga & Meditation

OM MG I am so far behind with this and I felt this the other day while stretching for a run.

Photography & Writing

  • Photography- Took on a portrait session recently and it felt good to get behind the camera again. I had missed this more than I thought I would. Archives are still an ongoing process. PUSH ON BEFORE THE END OF YEAR.
  • Writing- Blogging sporadically counts, right?


As always, I see some progress, see some room to do better, and hope that next month’s check-in will be better than the last!

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