1. Delete your social media
  2. Cancel your television subscription
  3. Read books. Paper, digital or both.
  4. Learn something new with that free time earned back from media, social media.
  5. More creating, less consuming.
  6. Stop buying the shiny new toy and play with the ones you have first.
  7. Do something for someone else. Time and/or money.
  8. Breathe. This moment is just for you.
  9. Take care of your body with frequent fitness.
  10. Eat smarter. Fall & winter is here; load up on the comfort food. Find new recipes and experiment.
  11. Yes, life is hard but it is also difficult for your neighbor and your friend and most people out there.
  12. This can feel like it has been going on forever. But nothing lasts forever. Everything dies, including viruses.
  13. The stoic philosophers have much to teach us in that we can think, and prepare ourselves for the worst or when something is outside our control occurs, we are ready. We will be prepared to fix it quicker too.
  14. Acceptance doesn’t mean we give up. Make the best use of your time by enjoying it.
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