Having been a computer power user for decades, I am giving serious consideration to selling my MacBook for an iPad Pro. Over this period of time, originally with Windows, then Linux and now Mac, I am growing tired of managing these operating systems and want to keep it simple.

Nowadays, I’d rather focus my knowledge and abilities into something productive instead of wasting time administering my computer. I don’t want or need to tinker anymore, and now I don’t have to.

With iPadOS, I can get my work done and play all on the same device. I can write up this article, post-process images from my last shoot, listen to music, stream shows, play games, etc all in an intuitive, fun and stress-free environment.

As a minimalist, I no longer have a need for desktop towers, huge monitors or peripheral devices taking up this space. The iPad goes with me wherever I want to work and it adapts to whatever workspace I set it in.

There is simplicity in the iPad which makes it powerful, unique and refreshing computing experience I’ve ever enjoyed. As Apple is fond of saying, “the future of computing isn’t with a computer.”

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