Wow! Is it check-in time already? That was fast and apparently I was not as mentally prepared as I wanted to be. So here’s a recap of February’s resolutions:


Did I mention I was on the Keto diet last month? Funny how that was completely ignored and did just the opposite. Bring on the carbs and sugar this past month. In fact, as a way of public accountability, I enjoyed an evening at the pub, then stopped off at the convenience store for some doughnuts and milk before bed. Disgusting.

Nutrition was just thrown out the window. How about fitness? HA! Another complete breakdown. I was logging 30m of exercise daily for two months straight and then- nothing or the bare minimum. Pathetic.


If you look closely at the ukulele, you can see my fingerprints underneath dust.

I took some portrait work this past month. I’ve decided once again that I am done with portraits. Making the mental switch to urban and outdoor photography instead. 

This past month? You’re looking at it. Disappointing.


And there you have it: disgusting, pathetic, disappointing.

Here’s hoping I get off my ass and do the things I know are better for me as opposed to sloth and convenience. Either way, I’ll check back in here on 4/4 for the next review of how I do!

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