Again, thanks to a very generous trade-in offer for my 2018 iPad and a discount program provided by my company, I have upgraded to this year’s iPad Pro. I even chipped in a little extra for the magic keyboard, pencil and Magic Mouse.

After adding a SIM card from my wireless carrier, this device is truly the best portable computer out there. During a recent trip to the mountains I could plan my hikes, geocaching and places to eat. After a long day of shooting during my hikes, all my images were uploaded to the iPad and ready for post-processing. Articles were published here while I was out and about and yes, Netflix was playing on it because hotel rooms have shitty cable tv service.

After the iPhone 12, and MacBook Pro, this makes the third significant upgrade in my tech devices that are future-proofed. That is to say, with their industry-leading specs and beautiful design, they will last me for a minimum of five years. And I cannot wait to put them all to the test.


  1. Nice! I’ve always wanted to buy an iPad Pro, but I felt like they just weren’t “there” yet in terms of replacing a computer.

    Have you found any limitations that you’ve had to find workarounds for? Whether that’s in your workflow, entertainment, etc.


    1. Thanks for reaching out, Kyle. I am honestly not seeing any issues or limitations in iPad OS applications. There are some differences that have to be learned like various keyboard shortcuts for example, but overall it has been a pleasant experience for me. I’d say take another look and see if it meets your needs. Let me know what you think if you do!

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      1. Thanks for the response, Chris. I recently picked up the Macbook Pro M1 and I’ve loved it. However, I see that Apple is slowly working toward making the iPad Pro more “computer-like”. So, when this one kicks the bucket (hopefully not for some time), I can reconsider.


        -Kyle, TheTravelRunner


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