This pandemic is really taking a toll on my desire to walk downtown and capture people in street photography. So, I’ll just write and share images and remind myself of some basics when I finally do get back out there and face the public.

  1. Get out. Find those outdoor public areas that have people out enjoying life.
  2. Every human is beautiful and photographers make interesting anthropologists, documenting human nature.
  3. There will always be something of interest. Look for it. Work the scene.
  4. Experimentation breeds creativity
  5. Take a smaller camera or mobile device. DSLRs get heavy after awhile.
  6. Experiment in jpeg format, keepers get the RAW treatment.
  7. Color or black and white? Find an aethestic and own it. I like both color and B&W. BW for me has to be high contrast, deep shadows. Color can be muted with moody contrasts to match the backdrop.
  8. Street photography can be risky and your experiences my vary.
  9. The risks can be worth the reward.
  10. Street photography is usually best going alone but a photo walk with friends can be more fun. Find a partner.

See these images and more on my photography website:

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