Where is photography going? I don’t think the future will be camera bodies or lenses. How many megapixels do we need, honestly? I think we’ll see innovative photography displayed in more creative ways through software.

Forget social media, it’s dead. No, the future of photography will be publicized and displayed to enthusiasts and curators alike.

I’m looking at a few ideas for myself and to share with others. I want to create digital zines in PDF and send out to anyone and everyone who is interested. E-books and zines are innovative. Compare these to the analog zines that can be printed and distributed. Digital can go further and last longer. Now, I’m comparing two software providers for this, like Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher. Adobe is a pricey, monthly subscription, whereas Affinity is a one-time purchase. I’m leaning towards Affinity Publisher.

Another concept I’m looking at is displaying and/or buying Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) More on this concept later as it will probably take on a post on its own.

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