After twenty years of putting my thoughts online, I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing. Occasionally, it even feels like imposter syndrome, like I don’t belong. But then I think, “Who am I writing for?” Easy answer is myself and sometimes great people come along and join me.

Taking a quote from another author and a blogger:

Blog posts can be edited, added to, improved upon. If you missed something, you can fix it.

Austin Kleon, Blogging As A Forgiving Medium, 2021

Kleon writes that blogging is a ‘forgiving medium’ because it can be therapeutic. Blogging can be rewarding by practicing and learning in public. Not one single person will know what changes I make to a post unless I call myself out with a correction or an update to that post. Unless you have a massive following who likes to keep track of those kinds of things- which I don’t have.

Learning by doing. The more you create, the more you learn. Learn by putting yourself out there and become a better writer.

Learn how to close out your thoughts and your blog post properly.

The title of this post is loosely taken from Stephen King’s book titled “On Writing.”

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