Because we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our life, here are some more areas we could all work on, starting with me.

  1. Reclaim your time and attention
  2. The year you finally decide to get fit
  3. Time to tackle the other “F” word – finances.
  4. You can do anything, not everything
  5. Tender-loving self-care (TLC)
  6. Better sleep and more naps
  7. Fill up that journal
  8. More writing
  9. Return to nature
  10. A good playlist
  11. Read, then read some more
  12. Install the Geocaching app and go explore for treasure
  13. Redefine success
  14. This time you are going to do something about it
  15. Take a hike
  16. More cooking, less dining out
  17. Work on the posture, stretch, breathe, save your eyes from the screens
  18. Delete your social media
  19. Enjoy a healthy social life
  20. Cancel most of your subscriptions

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