After recently investing in cryptocurrency, I’ve looked at the markets and the charts and decided to cash out. I invested a few hundred dollars and have a net loss of $4.17. I wanted to see what the hype was about only to find out that it was just that- hype. I was on the fence about keeping some coin in but received email from the broker that profits are low due to [insert geopolitical excuse here.] Well that was what cryptocurrency was alleged to prevent- outside influences. Supply and demand was the rule, now we see it isn’t so. If you don’t get in on the ground floor then chances are, you missed opportunities. But that is what market speculation is. It was a fun experience but I’m out.

I’ve also shuttered my NFT photo collection auctions as there was little traffic or interest. Again with the hype. Unless you have a massive following online ( I don’t anymore,) than you’ll see little interest.

Once again, the promises of something new, better, decentralized and hyped out of proportion are undone by greed, scams and government regulations. It was fun.

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