Hi, I’m Chris

A former portrait photographer for twenty years I have recently downshifted to a hobby photographer focusing on street, travel and landscape photography.

While photography is no longer my job, it is one of my stronger passions. The goal is to remain curious, passionate, unique and authentic. The content on this site is all of my personal work and is a collection of my favorite moments and experiences.

These days I care less and less about the “how” of photography and more “why”. With the recent acquisition of various film cameras, I want to create tangible photographs as well. These will ensure that each exposure and photo is deliberate.

Gear includes: Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR, Canon Powershot 35mm, Canon ED 110, Pentax K1000 35mm, Holga 120, Diana 110, Polaroid One Step, Fuji Instax and an iPhone.

I cannot be found on social media. Deliberately. However, you can reach me via email: hello AT chris denbow .com


Interested in working with me? Hop on over to my portfolio site for prices and contact options!