Sayonara, Sonya

I hardly knew you, but you just weren’t enough for me to consider keeping you on. I had high hopes for a modern, lightweight, mirrorless camera but your interface and outdated, unsupported features that made you so appealing to me just wasn’t cutting it. The software was not supported for MacBook nor the bluetooth/wifi connectivity.

Low light shooting in Manual mode produced way too much noise and grain that I thought I was working with a Nokia 600 camera phone from the early 2000’s. I shouldn’t have to rely on your Scene modes that does the work for me. No thanks.

The good news is I still have Nadia, my ever faithful companion.


I know, I know. I recently mentioned that I was content with the iPhone 12 but you know what? Those camera upgrades on the 13 Pro Max were just too tempting.

I looked at upgrading the iPhone 12 to the as-yet-to-be-released 13 next week. You know what? I am content. My current is that good. It’ll be good for at least 3-4 more years.

Me, in my post about Contentment


I bought my first tobacco pipe almost two years ago but noticed shortly after that the varnish was getting worn. I finally decided to strip, sand, shape, stain, coat and polish and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Polacon 2021

I haven’t been to a photography conference since creating my own in Houston 12 years ago. This year I am headed to Dallas, Texas to attend the Instant Film Society’s Polacon. It will be great to attend an event with like-minded people to learn, share and grow. I’m stocked up on Polaroid film, Fuji Instax Wide film and I’ll even bring Sonya!

Remind me to dust off the camera next time, won’t you?