Thank You

This website started back in 2005 was originally written just for me but somewhere along the way it picked up some interest with others. Now that I’ve switched from self hosting this site on my own server to hosting with WordPress, I’ve gained some more interest and followers. Thank you. I’ll try to keep it … Continue reading Thank You

Time Travel

It isn’t just saving ideas. It’s about having conversations with your past and future self, so you can develop ideas over time. I’ve been experimenting with several PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) tools such as Bear Notes and Obsidian. This includes a relatively new feature called back links where you can attach several similar notes to … Continue reading Time Travel

Bedtime Procrastination

I’ve always found myself staying up late even if I was tired or had to get up early because I wanted more me time. It’s called revenge bedtime procrastination and people who do it gain a sense of control back in their life. This is especially true on Sunday nights before the next work day … Continue reading Bedtime Procrastination