Cord Cutting

I am not a big fan of television programming these days with a few exceptions. Fortunatley these exceptions have alternative means of distrubution other than a cable or satellite service. I’ve alternated between Netflix and Amazon Prime. Someday I’ll have to decide. What about news and sports, however? I’ve been testing out a new service … Continue reading Cord Cutting

Digital Tattoo

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and I cannot remember which one or even credit the source (apologies) but it really got me thinking about some of the unforeseen consequences of digital sharing. Everyday most of us put ourselves out there with various posts, tweets, pictures and comments. Let’s not forget photos … Continue reading Digital Tattoo

Opening Windows

For the past few years I have rejected the Microsoft Windows operating system in favor of Linux Ubuntu. Open source software, software upgrades and updates every 6 months are all very appealing. However, I am tired of trying so hard to accomplish a task that takes too long in Linux that is a breeze in … Continue reading Opening Windows

In The Bag

I’ve seen a lot of people on the net share both their desktop workspaces and what is in their bags. Over the years I have whittled down and secured only the essentials needed for portable computing. I’ve waited for technology to give me what I needed. Today I am sharing my minimalist setup in the … Continue reading In The Bag

I|O 2013

This year’s Google developer conference revealed quite a few more reasons for me to swoon over and enjoy. There were also a few items I wish were addressed but was disappointed. Google+  Completely redesigned social network and hub for almost everything Google. Love the new “Google Now” cards interface. A lot cleaner and they brought … Continue reading I|O 2013


Did a little more urban exploration (Urbex) around Tulsa today. Using nothing but my mobile phone I found hidden treasure, hacked portals for the Resistance, hiked a trail or two, tracked it with a fitness app and documented it all with photos. Whew! Continue reading GeoDenbow

Twitter 7.0

Today marks the seventh year of TWTTR. As an early adopters back then we didn’t know what we were doing but we had fun exploring it and making it ours. Over the years, like all social media platforms it has gained huge users both legitimate and spam. I’ve also signed up for a similar platform … Continue reading Twitter 7.0

Chromebook: For Me

The Samsung Chromebook is a fantastic browser with a keyboard. It weighs less than  3 pounds with an 11.6” screen. The 16GB solid state drive is quiet and fast. Boot time is exactly 8 seconds to power on and go. True, 16GB is not much but it does come with an integrated 100 GB of free … Continue reading Chromebook: For Me