The Library

Reading is a lifelong habit for me. I enjoy reading for pleasure as well as knowledge. To have access to both old and new knowledge in our hands is one of the greatest gifts we have accomplished together. The list of reading material below is not an exhaustive one but more of a current view into where my head is at and where I want to go next.

To Read:

  1. House of the Rising Sun
  2. The Plot
  3. I, Robot
  4. Cloud Cuckoo Land
  5. Dune
  6. Neuromancer
  7. Mesa Diablo

2022: Completed Reads

  1. 2034: A Novel
  2. A Private Cathedral
  3. Darth Plageuis
  4. Chain of Command
  5. The Devil’s Sea
  6. Tyrannosaur Canyon
  7. Blasphemy
  8. Impact
  9. The Kraken Project
  10. The Codex
  11. Relic
  12. Ghost Fleet
  13. You Are An Artist
  14. The Nowhere Man
  15. Orphan X
  16. Reliquary
  17. The Kaiju Preservation Society
  18. The Return
  19. The Sun Also Rises
  20. The Curse of Capistrano (aka the Mark of Zorro)
  21. The Cartographers
  22. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  23. Upgrade
  24. The Midnight Library
  25. Ready Player Two

All Time Favorites

Coming soon