Priority Shift

It is fast approaching that time of year again. November is designated as National Novel Writing Month with their stated goal being 50,000 words a month into a novel. I love the concept but it isn’t practical for me so of course I’ll be hacking this. Now that I am pivoting focus from photography to … Continue reading Priority Shift


I don’t know why I have this rebellious side of me, I really don’t. I don’t mean to be so contrarian but it happens. I want to be opposite of my surroundings some times. The strong-willed, overachievers bring out the lazy side of me. People I know who are slackers bring out the best in … Continue reading Balance

Test My Theories

I need to make personal growth a priority. This means I plan a life away from the safe zone and do it. And when I decide that creativity is a priority than I need to plan a peaceful place without obstacles so I can just create. But I need to get these ideas of personal … Continue reading Test My Theories


Now that I’ve acquired one of the best writing apps for iOS I had to figure it out and set it up. That was easy to do with it’s intuitive features. I was able to connect it to a few other apps like Mind Node where I could import my mind maps as notes. Loving … Continue reading Ulysses

Back In Cyberspace

Cyberspace- A long time ago, before we allowed ourselves to bottlenecked into a few social platforms, fed into massive surveillance machines, mined for our attention, and controlled by algorithms, there was an idea about internet freedom. Cyberspace. We allowed cyberspace to become dominated by a few large companies. It was unregulated, free. We created things … Continue reading Back In Cyberspace

Digital Minimalism

I’m currently reading four books at once. Bad idea but the public library had all the desired books I had on hold ready to go and they are all on heavy demand. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is one of them. I really wanted to to read and review this book so much, that I … Continue reading Digital Minimalism


Since I am no longer subscribed to an internet service at home, I have been relying on public WiFi and my phone’s hot spot. This has been challenging for me, especially since I need a connection for my continuing education. I just remembered today that you can save a web page to your computer and … Continue reading Offline

Now Developing

Picking up the Python programming language is going smoother than most of the other languages I have attempted to learn so far. If I am going to become a full stack developer I need to get in the habit of using best practices such as… 1. Developing a working solution by solving a problem. 2. … Continue reading Now Developing