11/11 GHR Check-In

This is the final month of the Groundhog Day Resolution system for 2019. This was the 11th annual attempt at creating life-long habits for myself. I’ve discovered that because of the after the end-of-year holidays I am not mentally or physically capable of sticking with resolutions for the upcoming new year. I need a break … Continue reading 11/11 GHR Check-In

Photography: A New Hope

A constant comment I hear among my photographer peers is that they feel like they’re in a creative pit. They’re bored and uninspired. And yes, let’s be honest, I have as well. Who hasn’t? I’ve found a few cures for the ailing inspiration in the past and am looking forward to implementing new ones as … Continue reading Photography: A New Hope

This Or That

I do life in varying ways to keep from going stale. I’ll input as much as I can for a while by agreeing to everything, meet everyone, go everywhere. Then I’ll output for a while by saying no to everything, and just focus on what I want to do like shoot, read or write. I’ve … Continue reading This Or That

Priority Shift

It is fast approaching that time of year again. November is designated as National Novel Writing Month with their stated goal being 50,000 words a month into a novel. I love the concept but it isn’t practical for me so of course I’ll be hacking this. Now that I am pivoting focus from photography to … Continue reading Priority Shift


2019 was a great year for my portrait photography. There are so many creative, beautiful people out there and it was great to work with them but I need a break. I’m hanging up the camera for portrait photography to focus on personal photography and reorganizing organizing my archives and portfolio. I’m really looking forward … Continue reading Hibernation


This past week I had an email from LinkedIn, the online professional networking website about a position I held. Someone was disputing my tenure there. Well, that prompted me to correct the mistake. Oops, I failed to update my last day there. Well, that prompted me to say that after thirteen years of LinkedIn it … Continue reading Un-Linked


I don’t know why I have this rebellious side of me, I really don’t. I don’t mean to be so contrarian but it happens. I want to be opposite of my surroundings some times. The strong-willed, overachievers bring out the lazy side of me. People I know who are slackers bring out the best in … Continue reading Balance

Test My Theories

I need to make personal growth a priority. This means I plan a life away from the safe zone and do it. And when I decide that creativity is a priority than I need to plan a peaceful place without obstacles so I can just create. But I need to get these ideas of personal … Continue reading Test My Theories

In Appreciation Of Web 1.0

I used to enjoy the internet. There was a time when it was something to be explored (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser was aptly named but poorly executed, by the way.) Back then there were standards and protocols but still the wild frontier. The www was creative, decentralized from corporate greed and educational. Now? I cannot … Continue reading In Appreciation Of Web 1.0