Photo Exercises

In order to take advantage of the benefits of a good photo walk, try some of these visual exercises as well. Walk around shooting anything and everything. Don’t discriminate, keep your mind open Focus on color, monochrome, texture, composition If you shoot primarily with your camera, try your phone’s camera instead. Vice versa. Change it … Continue reading Photo Exercises

Photo Walk

Now that spring time is officially here, it is time to stand up, stretch, and get moving. What better way to ease into it than a walk with your camera? Physical fitness is essential to your artistic fitness. In order for you to become a better photographer you must become a better person. In other … Continue reading Photo Walk

Why Portraits?

Someone asked me the other day what type of photography do I like to shoot. Immediately my response was “portraits.” Why? Because people are fascinating! Because people have individual personalities and expressions. Because people have stories to share. Because people are intrigued by other people. Ever go to a museum and notice we are drawn … Continue reading Why Portraits?

iPad + VSCO Workflow

The advancement in digital photographic technology has come a long way, baby. When I acquired my first digital camera 18 years ago the post processing was minimal and the software was expensive. More recently, I’ve converted from a Nikon and Compact Flash adapter to desktop drive to an SD card to laptop situation. Why? Simplicity. … Continue reading iPad + VSCO Workflow