Now that I’ve acquired one of the best writing apps for iOS I had to figure it out and set it up. That was easy to do with it’s intuitive features. I was able to connect it to a few other apps like Mind Node where I could import my mind maps as notes. Loving … Continue reading Ulysses


Since I am no longer subscribed to an internet service at home, I have been relying on public WiFi and my phone’s hot spot. This has been challenging for me, especially since I need a connection for my continuing education. I just remembered today that you can save a web page to your computer and … Continue reading Offline

Mind Mapping

I’ve recently re-discovered the app MindNode, an app that helps diagram ideas and thoughts in a visual way. Here’s an example of what a basic mind map structure looks like: Just a simple diagram I generated about mind-mapping and why I use MindNode instead of other similar apps. Cost: $15 for the unlocked iOS app. … Continue reading Mind Mapping


I just finished the monumental task of deleting all of my accounts. On purpose. Why should you care about this? No idea. But for me, it is refreshing and liberating. I admit it was rewarding to receive online praise for my photographic work. To see it used on websites, magazines and books is very rewarding. … Continue reading #deletesocialmedia


I first mentioned I was migrating off of Google way back in April. Well, it has taken me just that long to do it. Every photo, video and document I shared with them has been downloaded finally. I deleted my 10 year old Google account this morning after liberating all my stuff. That stuff is … Continue reading #deletegoogle

iPhone XR This is a great blend of both budget and premium features. A $1200 phone for a $750 price. This has almost everything I want into an iPhone like a big, end-to-end screen, the A12 Bionic chip, dual sim card capability, augmented reality, great camera, long battery life, Face ID and of course, Animoji … Continue reading

Transition I am decommissioning my Misadventures.me website and coming back here to ChrisDenbow.com. It was an attempt at a fresh start but then I realized I didn’t want to go that direction. The web domain expires soon and I am not renewing it. It is for sale if you want it. The transition is smooth … Continue reading


I’m turning my focus on Google. Awhile back I had mentioned the inevitability of deleting Facebook and now I am taking the steps to migrate everything off the multiple accounts and services I have for the same reasons. Continue reading #deletegoogle